Amazing Tips for getting a younger look. (First Know Your Skin)

Know your skin

To get a beautiful skin follow our advice and choose a care routine that fits your needs individually. That’s why it’s so important to know first what kind of skin you have. It is not always easy because each skin is unique and changes over time. In any case, skin types can be divided into several categories:     

  • Normal skin is flexible, has adequate blood flow and presents no problems.
  • Dry skin is less flexible, more prone to itching and easily irritated.
  • Mixed skin usually exhibits shine and is prone to imperfections in the T zone, while in the area of the cheeks it is usually quite dry.   

Skin with imperfections is affected by the hormones and tends to produce an excess of serum, with the consequent appearance of black spots and grains. Further, it is important to talk about the characteristic sensitive skin, which can occur on any type of skin but which is more frequent on dry skin. Our advice? Always use products specific to your skin type. In particular, imperfect skins and sensitive skins need special attention.

Tips for getting a younger look

Although everyone’s dream is to have younger, firmer skin, aging skin is a natural process. The needs of our skin begin to change from the age of 30: there are many external factors that can affect the aging process, but the decreased activity of skin cells should also be taken into account. These skin care tips will help you maintain a youthful appearance for longer: Make sure you always use the proper sun protection, even at an early age. UV radiation causes premature aging of the skin. In addition, you can help cell renewal of your skin using creams containing coenzyme Q10 and creative. Uses products for the eye contour: the first lines of expression appear around the eyes.

It might be helpful –  Benefits of Omega-3 Supplements for the Skin.

A nice skin step by step

The state of your skin is not only affected by the use of appropriate care products, but also by your lifestyle and your daily routine of facial care. Get beautiful and durable skin with our tips: Establish a daily routine of facial care:  

  • Cleaning your face in the morning and at night is necessary to remove dirt or excess fat. But always use a natural process for this.

Note: You can use a facial steamer for deep cleaning your face in the morning,2-3 days a week. But first sure about your skin type and then choose a facial steamer according to this. You can visit Best Facial Steamer – Expert Guide & Reviews and find yours.

  • Then apply a delicate and very moisturizing cream with sun protection factor (PF).
  • At night, use a night cream that stimulates the natural regeneration process of your skin.        
  • Always use a special product for the delicate eye contour.   
  • Although the sun is healthy for us, it can be dangerous for our skin. That is why you always use adequate sun protection. Remember to reapply sunscreen often when sunbathing. If you’ve spent a lot of time in the sun, refresh your skin with an After Sun product. An advice? Always use a facial cream with at least FP 15.   

Treat yourself occasionally

Stress and negative emotions can have a direct impact on the well-being of your skin. That’s why an important tip when it comes to taking care of your skin is to try to keep the balance in your life. Take more time for yourself and yours and relax whenever you can. Did you know that people who play sports three times a week for 30 minutes suffer much less the symptoms of daily stress? Be sure to also eat a balanced diet. A relaxing bath is not only good for your skin but also relieves mental and physical stress.



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